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January 29, 2019
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The coffee region in Colombia means visiting a coffee farm near Salento! ☕🌳👩‍🌾

The coffee region in Colombia means visiting a coffee farm near Salento - thé coffee area. I'll tell you all about the coffee area! ☕🌳👩‍🌾

The coffee region in Colombia means visiting a coffee farm near Salento. I'll tell you all about it! We visited the Las Acacias coffee farm ánd did a great walk after that! I will tell you where to go - including a great route -, and what the experience at the coffee farm was like! When visiting Colombia the coffee area is a must visit.

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Las Acacias Coffee Farm

The coffee farm I recommend taking a coffee tour is: Las Acacias Coffee Farm. We had a great time here and everything is included. English guide, small groups (we were 6 in total, the one after us only 2). The guide takes you through the coffee plantations and the whole process of collecting (also by yourself!), checking, drying and roasting the beans. You can also grind, smell and (included in the end) taste the coffee. Tours run every hour just you can just show up! Great vibe here. I really got impressed by the whole process and the hard work the people do at this farm.

How to get to the coffee farm Las Acacias Coffee Farm

The farm is on Google Maps and so you can just walk yourself there by foot. You can also follow the signs to the bigger Ocasa Coffee farm as it is close by 😊 It’s a beautiful walk and not far from the centre of Salento. If you like walking, just keep reading my blog as I will tell you about a nice hike we did before and after visiting the coffee farm!

The costs for coffee farm Las Acacias Coffee Farm

We paid an entrance fee per person of 12.000 COP. That 3,33€ or 3,80USD. This included all the activities at the farm, including watching the whole process, picking the coffee beans / berries ourselves ánd included a cup of great coffee! Next to this, if you want to, you can buy beans or ground coffee as a souvenir. There are three prices ranges in the coffee bags, small, medium and large. We bought the medium one for 12.000 COP. That 3,33€ or 3,80USD. Not bad for one of the best coffees in the world!

Bonus: make a beautiful walk during “coffee area day”! 😊

To walk or not to walk?

I would really recommend taking this walk during the day you visit the coffee farm. Of course, if you don’t like walking/hiking or are short on time, you can also walk to the coffee farm and back, or take a Willy (jeep taxi) to get to the farm and back. But if you have the time and are up for a walk, I would really recommend it! We really enjoyed the it.

The intensity of the walk

Most of the paths are flat, but a few can be slippery and narrow. Wear good shoes and don’t mind to get a bit dirty and you will be alright. Enjoy the nature!

The route

The route ís on, the route is partly on Google Maps. I recommend downloading so you can’t get lost. The route is easy, but it’s always better to take navigation with you.

Google Maps does not serves the walking road around the Ocaso Coffee house. Make sure to follow the signs all the way to the Ocaso Coffee House (until you are at the very entrance), then don’t enter but get right and walk alongside the fence of the farm. Just keep walking and you will get to a bridge that says way to Boquia. Cross this bridge, turn right and keep walking alongside the river until you get to the bigger road where you need to turn right to get back to Salento. The anchor points:

  • The Carmen Church in Salento: the start at the main square
  • Las Acacias Coffee Farm: the coffee farm I recommend visiting
  • Ocaso Coffee Farm: well indicated more touristy coffee farm – you will pass it on the right
  • Via A Salento: The road to Salento

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