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January 29, 2019
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How to get to Zipaquirá by taxi, bus or train from Bogotá, Colombia

How to get to Zipaquirá by taxi 🚕, bus 🚌 or train 🚂 from Bogotá, Colombia 🇨🇴. Visit the impressive salt cathedral in Colombia, a perfect daytrip from Bogotá

The Salt Cathedral is very close to the little town of Zipaquirá. Around 50 kilometres from Bogotá. Perfect for a daytrip from Bogotá. In this post you will read all about how to get to Zipaquirá from Bogotá, by taxi, bus or train 🇨🇴.

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How to get to Zipaquirá by taxi

You can take a taxi from Bogotá. This will be around 100.000 COP one way, that is around €28 or 32US$. When you travel with more people this can be an interesting option to save yourself some hustle and it will be quicker than taking the bus. When you take the cab, go directly to the Salt Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral de Sal). You can visit the village of Zipaquirá afterwards, as the walk tó the town is downhill 😊

How to get to Zipaquirá by bus

The bus is a more affordable option, and is very comfortable! Go to the bus station Portal Norte in Bogotá. From here take the direct bus to Zipaquirá town, referred to as Zipa. Just ask the staff at the bus station for the platform, they will point you in the right direction. It is well indicated and the people are very helpful.

The price for the bus from Portal Norte Bogotá to Zipaquirá town

You buy a plastic card (1 card can serve multiple people) at the TransMilenio (name of the company) bus station. For this card we payed 11.000 COP for three people – so 1€ / 1,15US$ per person. With this card you can take local TransMilenio busses in Bogotá. Next to this we payed 17.100COP in the bus to Zipaquirá (for three people) – the guy will come by to collect the money. This is not a TransMilenio bus but a more long-distance bus (very comfi!). Hence the extra costs of €1,50 or US$1,80 per person.

Bus drop-off point in Zipaquirá

Just mention to the driver or the staff (=money collector) in the bus that you would like to go to the Salt Cathedral (Catedral de Sal) in Zipaquirá. He will yell it through the bus when you have to get out 😊 Next to you, probably all the other people in the bus are also likely to go here, so he will definitely mention it. We got out at the end of Carrera 15 before it turns into Carrera 16, just before Calle 4, near to a chicken restaurant called La Chispa Roja. When you take the bus back, just go to this exact spot. Look at a bus, yell ‘Bogotá’ and hop on 😊 We literally caught one back in less than 10 seconds.

How to walk to the Salt Cathedral from the bus stop in Zipaquirá

First of all, its easy and well indicated – as this is the main attraction of this town. From the town to the cathedral there are signs. When you get closer to the salt cathedral there literally is a white line on the tiles/sidewalk that you have to follow – it won’t get easier than this (love it). The walk is a bit uphill, just so you know.

Train to Zipaquirá

You can also take the train, but the trains only run in the weekends and Colombian holidays, and only once a day (08:15 am!). Make sure you check the latest information about the train here. You will depart from ‘Estación de la Sabana’ in Bogotá, and the name of the train is ‘Tren de la Sabana’. The price is 58.000COP per person (two-way), that is €16 or US$18. The train itself looks pretty cool.

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