From Quito to Otavalo market: the perfect day trip in Ecuador. Take the bus from Quito to Otavalo!
February 19, 2019
The Devils Nose Train in Alausí, Ecuador
February 25, 2019

In this blog you will read how to get to Alausí, Ecuador, by bus. Alausí is located close to Riobamba, Ecuador.

Wanderbus Ecuador

We got to Alausí by Wanderbus Ecuador. This is a hop on hop off formula that takes you through whole Ecuador. We were very pleased to ‘hop’ with them and I would definitely recommend taking this service for your trip. Read more about my trip with Wanderbus here (coming soon!).

Buy tickets for Wanderbus Ecuador

Wanderbus Ecuador tickets are very easy to purchase online. Their website is very straightforward and provides all the information you might need. We did the Condor pass from Quito to Montañita. Read more about our Wanderbus Ecuador adventure here (coming soon!).

Local bus to Alausí

You can also travel with local busses, for example from or to Riobamba, Ecuador. As in every country this works about the same: go to the bus station from the town you are in and look or ask for busses to Alausí. Busses from town to town in Ecuador (or for that matter in most South-American countries) are not to be found online. Sometimes you will find some information at a website or at Facebook but this is never accurate or complete. Best way is to go to the bus station and ask around for prices and times. For example you can go here from Riobamba. For the record; we did take Wanderbus and no local bus. But I have seen many busses in Alausí so they definitely are there. A lot of busses go to Riobamba, Ecuador.

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