How to get to Alausí, Ecuador
February 25, 2019
Things to do in Alausí, Ecuador – Other than the Devils Nose train 🚂
March 11, 2019

In this blog I will tell you all about taking The Devils Nose train in Alausí, Ecuador. Alausí is located close to Riobamba, Ecuador.

Buy tickets for the Devils Nose Train in Alausí

We bought the tickets online at the website of Tren Ecuador. I have to be honest, this didn’t went flawless for me. The website didn’t want to accept my credit card. Apparently this had to do with Google Chrome and cookies 🍪. But when I tried in Microsoft Edge browser it did work! So if your first attempt doesn’t work out I would advise trying another browser. The website is quite easy and straightforward. When the payment was accepted it was easy at that point too. You will get the tickets per e-mail. Make sure to print the tickets in advance 💸. We paid 33 US$ per person for the train tickets (2019).

Buy tickets in person at the train station in Alausí

It is also possible to buy train tickets in person at the train station in Alausí. As we did not do this, I cannot share my experience about this. If anyone has done this, please comment on this post! Will be highly appreciated. Or send me an email and I will add the information (and your name of course).

Which seat to book in the Devils Nose train

I don’t know if they ever change the way of the train compartments, but let me just share our experience – hope it can help. When you buy your tickets, you can choose the seats yourself. For the best views – take the chairs that are – on your computer screen – at the bottom of the waggon. For example at coche 1586 this will be the row of 1A, 3A, 7A, 9A etc. It was this way at least in 2019 when we took the train. We were at the other side and had great views too, but if I can choose again I would do it that way.

Which train compartment (coche) to choose

When you buy your train tickets online you can choose your own seat in the different train compartments. Good to know: the train compartments differ from each other. Don’t know about the chairs, they seem about the same. But – and this is really important for taking pictures – the type of windows differ. We were in train compartment 1586 and the windows could only open up high and not that far, whether other train compartments have windows that open lower (just from your seat) and that is better. Taking pictures through a closed window is not the best thing to do so if you have a lower window it’s better to take picture from here. Train compartment 1566, 1586, 1560 have windows higher up. Train compartment 1539 has lower windows that will be better for taking pictures from your seat.

Timetable Devils Nose train Alausí

I always like to give you a little time table of our trip, so you know what you will be up to. To be honest, the ride with the train is not that long, but very enjoyable. We took the train of 8 o’clock in the morning.

  • 7:34 (way too much) at time at the train station to get a good coffee – just be there 7:50 and you will be fine
  • 7:50 boarding starts. Make sure you have your printed tickets and take your passport with you for identification.
  • 8:00 departed right on time! Beautiful train ride, there will also be given information along the way. Every train compartment has one employee. Including passing the Devils Nose Mountain.
  • 8:40 stop at viewpoint to take pictures from THE Devils Nose Mountain, that you just passed by train!
  • 8:50 from viewpoint to Sibambe
  • 9:00 arrived in Sibambe, there is traditional dance here (really cool!), a small cafe, toilets, some artisanal and chocolate shops and a little (fake?) village where they bake…. pizza’s….. so traditional. But we’ll it’s quite nice to walk around there. Close to the pizza’s there is a (big brown plastic) logbook with quotes from workers that have built the train track, very impressive because it was a very dangerous undertaking. You can also take pictures with the train, with lamas, and there is a small museum with information about the building of the train track and the indigenous people.
  • 10:00 train goes back to Alausí – back over the Devils Nose Mountain, enjoy the views again. The train doesn’t change so you will see the same views as on the way to Sibambe.
  • 10:40 back in Alausí

The ride with the Devils Nose Train

The whole experience was very positive and we really loved the ride. The views along the way are stunning. The train employee will tell you more about the views along the way. This will be in Spanish and in English. I would advise you before you go to read more about the building of the train track around the late 1800 and early 1900’s. A lot of people died during the construction (a lot of Jamaican people) and the local people have a lot of stories about that they really have seen the devil here. From the stories you read that building this train track was surely not meant to be, but well, in the end they succeeded. But it is good to know the history and to know that you are not only ‘just’ taking a train.

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