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February 8, 2019
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February 19, 2019
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Teleférico ‘TelefériQo’ cable car to 4050 meter at Mirador Cruz Loma Pichincha, close to Quito, Ecuador

Want to have the best view over Quito? Take the teleférico ‘telefériQo’ cable car to Mirador Cruz Loma at Pichincha, close to Quito, Ecuador. Located at 4050 meter above sea level, this is thé place to look over the city.

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How to get to the Teleférico Cable Car in Quito Ecuador

Where is it

The teleférico ‘TelefériQo’ is located in the west of Quito. It’s best to take a taxi here, as it is located quite up hill. You can take a regular yellow taxi, every driver will know the teleférico in Quito. Or you can grab an Uber. Costs for one-way ride to the cable car wil be 3 to 4 US dollar.

Entrance fee and opening times of the Teleférico

The entrance fee is 8,50 US$ per adult. That is about €7,50 per person. So that is not really cheap, but well, I rather pay something more and hope that they maintain the cable car well 😊🚡

Opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 am in the morning 🕘 to 8pm / 20:00 in the evening 🕗.

At Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday the opening hours of the teleférico are from 8am 🕗 in the morning till 8pm / 20:00 in the evening 🕗.

Altitude sickness

Make sure to acclimate in Quito a few days at 2850 meter and only go to 4050 meter by cable car if you can truly handle the 2850 meter of Quito. Do not rush to the cable car the first day you are in Quito when you are coming from sea level. Altitude sickness is no fun 🙂

Cable car to viewpoint Mirador Cruz Loma, Pichincha

When you have paid the entrance fee you can directly get on the cable car. Show your tickets and make sure you keep them with you for the return journey. If you need to go to the toilet it’s better to use it at the right hand side of the ticket office, this one is for free (yup, I’m Dutch) 😉

At the upper station Cruz Loma

You will get out at the cable car station of Cruz Loma. There is only one down and one upper station so you will always get out here 😊🚡

Facilities at upper station

At the upper station there are little cafeterias where you can grab a snack or a coffee, and a toilet ($0,50). There is also a photo booth where you can take pictures as if you would fall out of the cable car. We didn’t take them but well, it sure would have made a great souvenir.

Walk at the viewpoint including the chapel and the swing set

Viewpoints near upper station

When you are at the upper station you can do a little walk around the station, where you see the cafetaria and the viewpoint at the antennas. At the viewpoints located close to the cable car station you see wooden signs that depict what volcanoes you can see. It will not be sure if you can see them, as you are at an altitude of 4050 meter and the weather is mostly cloudy ☁.

Beautiful walk including several viewpoints, chapel and swing set

The beautiful walk that most people take includes great views over the city of Quito and also over the surrounding green mountains.

Look for the sign to the Chapel (Capilla) and walk there. It is quite easy to do the round walk. You will walk over an unpaved sand path to encounter the chapel, horses (that are for rent), different amazing views, nature, and the swing set. You can’t go wrong, just don’t walk up the steep hill to the volcano. The round walk will take about 45 minutes. It is a bit up and downhill over an unpaved path but nothing difficult. Suitable for everyone! There are different picnic tables so you can sit down and enjoy the view.

Die-hard volcano hike or horse riding

It is also possible to hike all the way to the volcano Pichincha, this is not for beginners. This hike will take hours and requires good preparation. It’s also an option to rent a horse near the upper station.

Thé swing!

During your round walk you will walk past a swing set. I can really recommend to go for a swing here. It will be so much fun and you have a great view over Quito. It is not scary, just hold on tight 😉

Pictures of the Teleférico ‘TelefériQo’ cable car to 4050 meter at Mirador Cruz Loma Pichincha, close to Quito, Ecuador

Of course: the pictures! Please take a look and click to enlarge. I can really recommend taking the cable car! It is safe and it really is more than just one viewpoint. The walk is really beautiful and you can really exchange the city for beautiful views of nature.

As in every big city, you have to be cautious with regard to your stuff. Don’t take a lot of money with you at the streets. Leave your passport at the hotel. Preferably locked 🔐. Take extra care in public transport and at busy places.

👙 Girls, use your bra as a storage space.

👖 And men, always use your front pockets instead of your back pockets.

Hope that my information helps when you plan you trip to Quito, Ecuador!! Let me know if you need other information or if you have great ideas, happy to help! I really loved exploring Quito♥.

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